The Marches

Italy’s hidden coastal gem

The Ciù Ciù organic winery is located in Offida, the heart of the Piceno hills in the Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC production area. Its vineyards extend over an area of 150 hectares. The vines are planted on calcareous soils and are tended to organically both in the vineyard and the winery. Ciù Ciù works a wide range of varietals, giving you the opportunity to discover a new favourite wine.

Organically produced

Organically produced

Ciù Ciù has been producing authentic wine for decades using organic winemaking practices that respect the environment and are also certified vegan
A wine for every palate

A wine for every palate

From classic to new world, choose from a wide range of certified organic wines that express quality and terroir
Affordable luxury

Affordable luxury

Discover an array of vibrant organic wines made to enhance every meal and occasion

Onivino x Ciù Ciù

A lot of consideration goes into building our wine portfolio since we know first-hand how much enjoyment can be derived from each and every bottle. While we love our classics, we also know it’s important to explore regions off the beaten path when seeking out new experiences. This search led us to the enchanting Italian wine region of The Marches, where we were first introduced to Ciù Ciù winery. We were so energized and inspired by what we tasted that, in 2013, we launched our collaboration with Ciù Ciù and became their exclusive importers in the province of Quebec.

We’re proud to announce that Onivino clients can experience these exceptional wines, which are now available in both private importation and SAQ’s 400+ stores.

Onivino Exclusive Private Imports

Rosso Piceno DOP 2018

50% Montepulciano, 50% Sangiovese

Rosso Piceno is the oldest wine region in The Marche and covers approximately 60% of the wine-growing territory. A blend of two deeply rooted varietals from this region, Montepulciano and Sangiovese. Sangiovese is not as concentrated as it would be if grown in neighbouring Tuscany, making it the perfect blend for the mighty Montepulciano. Immediately following harvest, the grapes are chilled with co2, destemmed and further chilled to retain freshness without the use of sulfites. Maceration takes place in a vertical tank called roto-fermenter, allowing the skin to spread across a larger surface area. This exposing the fruit imparts maximum colour and flavour extraction as well as keeping the alcohol levels low.

The finished wine is fresh and juicy, bursting with red fruit. This wine is versatile and >perfect for all occasions.

$22.44/btl (Available in cases of 6)

Marche IGT 2019

100% Passerina

Passerina is indigenous to the Piceno region, an area covering the South of Marche and North of Abruzzi. In the first half of the XIX century, these regions were one combined area very rich in gastronomy where Passerina was a staple at the table. It is also a high-yielding grape that grows well in difficult conditions. Farmers were able to rely on their Passerina production as it was a critical part of the economy in the Marches. The Marchigiani have a lot of passion for this grape and this cuvée is aptly named after the song the Greek gods would dance and sing to during the Roman festival of Bacchanalia, a wild wine-soaked rowdy affair to celebrate Bacchus.

Passerina has a beautiful and unique aromatic profile, bursting with peach, apricot, citrus and chamomile. This wine has a refreshing acidity and minerality and is very easy to drink.

$24.74/btl (Available in cases of 6)

Available at SAQ

Falerio DOP 2019

50% Trebbiano, 30% Pecorino, 20% Passerina

Oris is a blend of indigenous white grapes from the Piceno region, an area covering the South of Marche and North of Abruzzi. The Falerio wine producing area is making a welcome comeback following a loss of prestige after industrialization farming techniques negatively impacted wine quality. Many producers including Ciu Ciu have done their share to revitalize the soil and make much-needed corrections to their approach to viticulture allowing us to once again enjoy healthy grapes from this region.

In the cellar. grapes are kept healthy without using sulfites, fermented over a 30-day period in stainless steel tanks and blended before a short period of rest before being filtered and bottled.

Trebbiano brings this wine its refreshing acidity, the Passerina provides the citrus and stone fruit characters and the Pecorino brings minerality and texture.


Rosso Piceno Superiore DOP 2016

70% Montepulciano, 30% Sangiovese

The Rosso Superiore D.O.P is a small area in the villages of Offida, Acquaviva and Ripantransone. Location is everything when managing a vineyard and the Montepulciano blended in this cuvée is grown on the best hills reserved for Ciu Ciu’s most prized and oldest vineyards. The fruit grows on coveted southern aspects (the sunny side of the street). Harvest is done by hand, skins are macerated for 20 days in stainless steel tanks and punched down daily.

The Sangiovese is also hand-harvested and fermented in the same way. The wines are blended and aged for a minimum of 12 months in 25 L medium toasted French oak barrels. The blend is fined and bottled for an additional 6 months of ageing prior to release.

This process ensures that the tannins are smooth allowing the vibrant fruity characteristics of this wine to shine.


Offida DOCG 2019

100% Pecorino

Offida DOCG, is a wine region located in the province of Ascoli Piceno. The region was established as a DOC in 2001 and promoted to DOCG in 2011. Pecorino, not to be confused with the Roman cheese it shares its name with, is a low yielding grape that almost disappeared given it’s lower revenue potential. Today, after a renaissance it is a fashionable italian wine that is enjoyed all over the world. Harvest is tended to manually. Fermentation occurs in medium sized oak barrels. The wine remains in the barrel on its lees for six months. Once bottled it benefits from another 3 months of refinement.

The wine has aromas of fresh cut herbs, hawthorne and oak. The palate has a well balanced acidity and is the perfect wine for an Italian aperitivo or can be cellared as this grape will mature to be elegant and complex.


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